From the top of Conglomerate Mesa you can see expansive views of multiple wilderness areas, Owens Lake, the glittering Sierra Nevada, Saline Valley and even Death Valley National Park.

Conglomerate Mesa is home to rare plant species such as the Inyo Rock Daisy and Ripley’s Cymopterus, aka springparsley, which is in the carrot family.

The historic Keeler-Death Valley trail that traverses the north end of Conglomerate Mesa was used to transport goods from the Eastern Sierra to Death Valley from the late 1800s to mid 1900s.

A remote and secret escape, Conglomerate Mesa is coveted by die hard desert lovers, eco-adventurers, and desert peak summiteers who come to experience the Mesa’s rich cultural history, dense Joshua tree and pinyon forests, sweeping views, and unspoiled seclusion. The top of the Mesa offers vistas of some of California’s most well-known natural treasures.

A scientific treasure

Conglomerate Mesa is geologically significant, providing an unusually complete record that is key to unraveling the evolution of the continental edge of the southwestern United States during the Permian and early Triassic periods about 300 million years ago. Fossils like corals and fusulinids, a type of plankton with calcite casings, allow scientists to accurately date the earth’s layers, and some of the fusulinids are found only in the Conglomerate Mesa area.

A place for wildlife and sportsmen

The diversity of wildlife species in Conglomerate Mesa includes bobcats, Mojave Ground Squirrels, Townsend’s Western Big-eared bats, Golden Eagles, and mountain lions. It is also a vital migratory corridor for Nelson’s bighorn sheep. This public land is also prized locally for its world class deer hunting.

Things to do in Conglomerate Mesa

Hike an Iconic Trail

Take on the Keeler-Death Valley footpath that runs through this incredibly scenic little segment of landscape and earn your hardcore desert hiker bragging rights.

Take a Four-Legged Ride

Ride the miles of equestrian trails and take in the unique convergence of landscapes from a comfortable perch.

Camp the Night Away

Camp among the junipers and pinyons and listen to the coyotes howl under a star-filled night sky.