Scattered throughout California’s southeastern corner are special treasures of unspoiled lands, from rocky peaks and sloping bajadas to saltscrub lowlands and rich riparian corridors. These are the California Desert National Conservation Lands. Below you will find the latest news and announcements. Each post is ready to share on social media — please share them far and wide!

Defending delicate landscapes

April 9, 2019/by admin

Juniper Flats above Apple Valley deserves improved protection

February 17, 2019/by admin

Wildflowers are already blooming across the Coachella Valley. Here’s where you can see them

January 30, 2019/by admin

Community celebrates public lands at Juniper Flats event

November 26, 2018/by admin

Stand up SB County – don’t let Feds waste taxpayer money on redo of desert plan

November 13, 2018/by admin

Update on mining at Conglomerate Mesa

October 31, 2018/by admin

Protect the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan

September 5, 2018/by admin

Re-evaluating DRECP is waste of taxpayer money

June 17, 2018/by admin

Love the outdoors? That’s why we must conserve our public lands

May 8, 2018/by admin

Community Voices: Betty Yee

April 17, 2018/by admin

Plan for California’s Desert: Don’t fix what isn’t broken

April 10, 2018/by admin

Plan to reconsider Calif. desert protection plan will hurt state’s renewable efforts

March 30, 2018/by admin

Opinion: Trump’s ruthless attack on California’s desert lands

March 29, 2018/by admin

By ordering new land-use plan, Trump could spark a fight in California deserts

March 16, 2018/by admin

Tourism is booming in California’s desert. So why is Trump opening it up to mining?

March 9, 2018/by admin

Desert lands mark Zinke anniversary with plenty of uncertainty

March 4, 2018/by admin

Stand up tonight for the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan

February 28, 2018/by admin

Commentary: Another Attack on Our Desert

February 15, 2018/by admin

Op-ed: Plan by Trump to throw away years of desert planning

February 13, 2018/by admin

DRECP review threatens to undo 8 years of negotiation, compromise

February 8, 2018/by admin

Editorial: Trump has offered no valid reason for revising California’s desert plan

February 8, 2018/by Chris Morrill

Editorial: Trump administration threatens California’s deserts

February 4, 2018/by Chris Morrill

In stunning reversal, Trump could open California desert to more solar and wind farms

February 2, 2018/by Chris Morrill

New Public Land Plan Gives California Desert Wildlife a Brighter Future

November 3, 2016/by admin